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Not all bands can be the Rolling Stones. Not everyone will still be strutting their stuff on stage at age 70. Anything Box still has a dedicated following and plays occassional shows. However, the members of the band have discovered awesome ways to apply their passions to their current situations that life has brought them. That includes landing right here at Benchmark! That's right, after 3-4 years of working at Benchmark, we got a chance to dig up the dirt on the two members of Anything Box that currently call Benchmark home.

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When we say Diamond Dallas Page, the first thing that comes to mind is yoga ... right? Well, find out how that came to be the thing he's known for nowadays. We talked to DDP about his wrestling career and how that lead to yoga and fitness. Find out how his days in the ring prepped him for this new career and why he believed in it so much. Plus, we got him to tell us his nickname before he was ever called Diamond Dallas Page. Don't miss it!

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