Welcome to the Heart of Business brought to you by Benchmark. It’s the business podcast that won’t make you flatline, where we discuss what pumps life into your company.

Bob Morris was looking for the next step after coming off the road from world tours with The Hush Sound. He took the need to walk and care for his own dog and turned into a business. Yo! Dog Walker has grown into one of the most sought out dog walking and sitting businesses in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Listening to Bob, it's not hard to see why he's doing so well. He cares about the dogs and their owners in a manner that creates loyal customers and happy pets.

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We talk about the origins of the site he collaborates on, Really Good Emails. We discuss what makes an email really good, the evolution of email marketing and being passionate about email marketing. We also talk about how an entirely remote team can work together. Check it out!

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The creation and launch of Benchmark CRM has been a process years in the making. We talk to Director of Product Development Paul Rijnders, who has been at the head of the team since day one. We got to hear everything that goes into the development of a tool like a CRM. If you're looking to get clued into the world of CRM, this is a great place to start.

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Tirthak Saha is only 26 years old. He's been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30, worked with NASA on origami-inspired satellites and won American Electric Power's Spark Tank Innovation Challenge. You may not have heard of him yet, but he believes that will change. So do we.

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Jack Wrigley has built a career as an entrepreneur, working with various startups along the way. We talked to him about his journey, as well as his current experience with Kickbox and the email marketing world. He shared some great lessons for startups and those looking to follow their dreams.

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Clayton Wood is an SEO expert who has helped build multi-million dollar businesses. He's also an incredibly interesting person who took the leap and left the corporate world to blaze his own path. It took him to Puerto Rico, the Philippines and even the pages of Playboy.

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In late February, Rand Fishkin announced he was leaving Moz, the company he co-founded. We reached out that day, wanting to hear more about his new endeavor: SparkToro. It was great to catch up with him and hear more about his new business. Plus, we fell into an incredible conversation about creating quality content.

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Eliot Crist turned a part-time opportunity into a career as a football analyst. It's the dream of most football fans and fantasy football players across the country. Tune in and listen to find out how it became his reality.

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We return to the Heart of Business with Chad S. White, who is the Research Director at Litmus and the author of Email Marketing Rules. We discuss the evolution of email marketing and its longevity and how he found his way into the industry. It's a fun conversation with three email marketing veterans.

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It seems more important than ever to tell a story like that of Drive Change. A force for good in our society aimed at improving the lives of its employees, maintaining a conversation on social justice and serving delicious food. Drive Change brings its cause straight to the people taking it's food truck, Snowday, on the move with a message. You see, the food truck employs formerly incarcerated young adults and gives them support, on the job training and assistance in achieving the future they desire. Did I mention the food is amazing? I don't have to because the awards are piling up ... as are the mentions in every "best of NY" list on food trucks. Drive Change co-founder Roy Waterman and his team deserve all the accolades their food has received and more. In a world of hashtag activism, it seems as important as ever to give a platform to the individuals taking action to work for a better tomorrow.

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