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Benchmark has used Unbounce for landing pages for some time now. It's a great tool to easily create custom landing pages. We've even had an integration with Unbounce for the past few months that allows you to post our signup forms on your Unbounce landing pages. They also have an incredible A/B Testing tool. We had a great time talking with Georgiana Laudi, the Marketing Director for Unbounce. She had a ton of great insight on landing pages, A/B Testing, marketing to marketers and more. It was a lot of fun.

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We all think we've got the next million dollar idea at one point or another. KickStarter has allowed more of those ideas than ever to become a reality. When two Carnegie Mellon students realized they could use the energy generated while walking to charge their mobile devices, SolePower was born. Hear how they went from a seed of an idea to a fully funded KickStarter project, and find out all of the posibilities and great things to come from SolePower.

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